Thursday, January 1, 2009

Just had to post this picture of some of the grandkids imitating their grandma (see prevous post for details). Made her laugh 'til it hurt! Some people just have no pity!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Mission Full of Firsts!

Great to hear from Ali and Josh (see comments in the last post)! Thanks you guys!

A few days ago, we had our senior couples Christmas Dinner and what was described to us as a traditional Christmas Dinner. We returned to the same restaurant where we had our party for the entire mission yesterday (see last post). I guess we just didn't understand whose tradition they were referring to! Here are some pictures. Picture one is of the first course. Yup! Sushi! We have had sushi before. Not something we have much interest in, though it doesn't really taste bad. But give us meat and potatoes anytime!

The second is of a Rice/Mushroom casserole. We hate mushrooms! But, picking out the mushrooms, it tasted fairly good. Both dishes Christmas firsts for us! But we were waiting for the promised "turkey and all the trimmings!" The turkey came. Along with mashed potatoes and gravy. And they were VERY tasty. But where's the hot bread, stuffing, yams, cranberries, etc.? But it really was good. Even though the ladies were served all the white meat while the guys were served drumsticks. But the guys scored pretty well in the end. The white meat servings were rather large and the ladies couldn't eat it all. Can't let a good meal go to waste, you know!

Thought you might like an up-to-date picture of Sister Caldwell. She's been rather ill for a couple of days. Then, on our way to the office this morning, she fell on the ice and broke her arm! The first broken bone she has ever had! The medical facilities here are, well, antiquated, shall we say. But we do have a mission doctor (the only mission in Asia having it's own doctor - that should tell you something of the level of medical service here). He has learned where to go here for best treatment, depending on the problem. He took us to an old Russian Hospital building which is now occupied by a couple of private practice physicians. And it is old!

But the doctor was really nice - we liked him. And he really did quite a good job of fixing things up. Sister Caldwell is now in a plaster cast (not the fiberglass kind that is now used in the States) and our mission doctor has her on pain pills.

The break is in her upper arm. But it could have been much worse. She should heal fairly quickly but will have a fair amount of pain for a couple of days.

So, first time Sister Caldwell had ever been on an airplane was coming here. A couple of firsts for Christmas dinner and her first broken bone! The records are falling right and left -- and so is Sister Caldwell!

Other than that, we are really doing well in Mongolia!