Monday, January 18, 2010


In the last post I started out by saying that the temperature was going to get above freezing this week. We wish! What I really meant to say (type?) was that the temps were supposed to finally get above zero!

And it did. Today it was a balmy 20 degrees in the city. Felt pretty good, believe it or not.

But don't anyone get there hopes up. The high temp for Friday afternoon is forecast to be -30 F. That's right; 30 degrees below zero is supposed to be the high for the day!

We live on a bit of a hill and two days ago a pipe broke. Water ran down the road which accesses our apartments for about 48 hours. Can you imagine what water will do to a road in these temperatures (you don't have to because we have include some pictures, obviously)? There is about 6 inches of very uneven ice built up on the road, right now! That's frozen water you can see there not some sort of 'wave' effect! Remember, I said this is a hill, even though the picture doesn't show it. And it has a pretty good slope to it, too. One would think that running water would not freeze that much, but at these temps?!

This poor guy made the mistake of trying to drive across it. We did manage to push him out.