Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Our son Jason is going to love this one! We have a 'food DI' in Mongolia (inside joke)!

Some enterprising soul here, corralled a shipment of 'Freight Damaged' food from the states, set it up in a temporary location in downtown, stacked it in boxes two thirds of the way to the ceiling in a small room and, presto, a new American Food Store! We picked up a few things we haven't seen since leaving the States!

Like a bottle of jalapeno peppers (went right to the apartment and had some nachos - yum!), some Kraft Thousand Island salad dressing, a can of Baked Beans, a box of Grape Nuts (Sister Caldwell's favorite) and a few other assorted items! And at very reasonable prices, to boot!

All the seniors went and we had a ball! Doesn't take much to make kids and old folks who are half way around the world from home, happy!

And we don't know what other surprises may lie hidden in boxes further down in those stacks. I dug through to a few but could only get about half way down a couple of the stacks! Guess we'll have to make another trip next week to see what good stuff gets unburied!