Friday, June 10, 2011

Flash Back

We know we are in a different mission, now, but we couldn't resist sharing about Elder Hollands recent visit to Mongolia.

Click on the link.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heart Attack!

When we came home today, we found the Sisters had given us a "heart attack".  Last Sunday they talked us into meeting them at Sister Davis' house on Tuesday to help her with some yard work.  Sister Davis is a 78 year old widow.  She is a very sweet lady, so we agreed---despite the fact that yard work is what we do all day long, every day!  We agreed to meet them at 7:00.  We were on time, they arrived at 8:15!  There were four of us, and we pretty much had the weeds pulled by the time they arrived!  I think they were a little embarrassed.  They did help put the weeds in the bags, as they continued to apologize and tell us how much they appreciated us!  How can you get upset with sister missionaries?  They are so cute!

Now here is an interesting side note:  We have been asked to talk in Church Sunday.  The topic:  Finding Joy through Loving Service!  We will find the bright side of all this (by Sunday).

We had one of those HOT and MUGGY days today.  They tell us it will get worse in July and August.  You all may need to pray for us that we will make it through this.  I think if Marcia made it through wearing a long, long-sleeved dress, then there must be hope for us.

We have started leading tours through the sites on Sundays.  We had to read an entire book and then come up with our own presentation that lasts an hour and a half.  We have really enjoyed leading groups around though.  We have many opportunities to share our testimony as we go around.  This past week we had a couple that is not a member of our Church in our group.  They seemed very interested and it was a neat experience to share testimony about prophets and about some of the sacred experiences that happened here in Kirtland.  Working an extra shift on Sunday kind of makes for a long week, but we really look forward to it.  Kind of makes all the hard work in the heat worthwhile.  Plus, we get to stop and point out that we are with the group the keeps the grounds looking so beautiful.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere!

Yesterday (i.e. Saturday) when Sister Caldwell and I went to Kirtland to clean things in preparation for all of that days visitors, I found a river of water running down from the hill above us, through the lawn and washing right against the foundation of the sawmill. 

A big city water main had broken and was providing the flow. I quickly made a phone call to the Director and another senior and I set about trying to divert the flow away from the sawmill. We had to hand dig a trench down the hill leading to the mill and direct the flow around it. We're too old for that kind of exertion!

Then we spent much of the rest of the morning, cleaning things out of the water wheel race way and re-establishing walk ways so it could remain part of the tour for visitors. Sister Caldwell had to do the rest of the morning cleaning by herself and that wasn't easy either!

But it could have been worse. We know that the break happened at about 7 am, so it was only about an hour before I discovered it.  If it had broken at midnight or something, it would likely have washed away at least some of the foundation and we would not have a usable sawmill anymore! As it was, there might be one pillar for which we may have to re-pour a footing but that's it. 

What a morning!