Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Well, we've had some interesting times lately. Two of our senior couples returned home after having served faithful missions. Those things happen. Unfortunately, only one of them has been replaced, thus far. Not enough senior couples -- and not enough senior couples willing to come to Mongolia!

But then we had two more senior couples whose missions ended rather unexpectedly, due to health issues. Now we are REALLY shorthanded! Any seniors out there who would like to serve?! We wouldn't mind twisting your arm a bit, if we need to! The work load is getting rather intense here, right now!

Again, we would encourage anyone who may read this, to prepare to serve as senior missionaries when the time comes. And it doesn't matter what your age is now, it is never too earlier to begin preparations. Set it is as a goal and start preparing right now. As you contemplate the possibility, you may by surprised at the number of things you can do even at an early age, to prepare for that kind of service.

And trust us. You are DESPERATELY needed just about anywhere in the world!

Part 2.

They turned the power off for a while a couple of days ago. So we only had the power back up that the Church building has, which is limited but certainly is helpful. But, when it came time for one of our English classes,the only light was in the hallway. So . . .

Then, we thought you might like to see Mongolia's version of a 'Jumbo Super Market'! Here, it is just a name they have seen somewhere. It doesn't seem to have any particular meaning.