Friday, July 11, 2008

July 11th & today's question

Happy Birthday!

It is my (Mike's) birthday today but . . . we also have a new birthday to celebrate in our family on this day! Hannah! Born about 8:30 this morning, 8 lbs 2 oz and 20 inches long! This is one grandchild's birthday I think I can remember!

We had dress rehearsal last night and it went really well! We are ready to go for tonights' opening. The afternoon rehearsal was cancelled for today and we are enjoying the time off!

Last night was also my first effort at teaching the Highland Fling. And it seemed to go pretty well . . . considering! But I was pretty well exhausted by the time it was over. Our little area of the preshow alternates between a puppet show (thus the socks we collected) and teaching the Highland Fling (thank heaven I get a break!).
Tonight we will have a real audience and it should be lots of fun. But we have been warned that there will be 'detracters' there tonight who will stand just outside the gate and hand out contrary literature. But we will kind of ignore them and let them do there thing. They have no power unless we engage them.

Tonight should be interesting.
Today's question: What direction does the Nauvoo Temple face? What direction does the Salt Lake Temple face?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday, July 10 2008 & today's question

We were quite busy yesterday. Pretty much straight through from 7:30 am until 10:30 pm! But the pageant is progressing very well! Tonight we have our dress rehearsal and tomorrow the show starts.

The cast is full of wonderful people! I have mused that this might be just a tiny climpse of what the millenium will be like. Righteous people working very hard, together and in harmony for a righteous purpose.

I have been volunteered -- army style -- for an unexpected role. I now have a costume and will be teaching the Highland Fling to the Blue Cast family support crew AND to the visitors during the preshow!! I am experiencing no small amount of anxiety here!! It comes from having a sister-in-law heading our team who has more confidence in me than I do!

Today's question: The baptismal font in the basement of the Nauvoo Temple is not set on the floor. It is held about five feet off the floor by sitting on what?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday,July 8

It has been an interesting 24 hours.

It rained late last night and into early this morning. Quite a bit of rain. Things were wet and muddy around the stage. Rehearsal continued there for a while but a return of rain showers sent us scurying to the high school.

While we were there, the work crew back at the stage dug small trenches to drain an inch or so of standing water from areas around the stage, hauled in new bark to spread in front of the stage, continued work on the set and cleaned things up! These young men are nothing short of spactacular! I couldn't help but think that this is the type of young men Helaman must have lead!

We had the kids make some sock puppets today. They had a great time doing it and it helped out a lot, too! Then the 'kids' went chasing bubbles.

Despite the delays, things continue to move along. The directors told the cast and crew tonight that they have never had a group learn so quickly and complete the physical setup so quickly as this red cast group! These people are really awesome!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Today's Question

What year did the saints arrive in Nauvoo?

Monday the 7th

Rehearsals are progressing very well. In fact, they have canceled a couple of rehearsals because the cast has learned so quickly and well. And we are really glad. The hot weather has arrived. In the 90's today . . . with 85 percent humidity!

The picutes are of the two of us with Marcia just outside our motel room, the district family we are assigned to meeting for gospel and pageant instruction and us taking care of a couple of the children -- grandma with Riley and grandpa with TD. I had to work hard to get TD to be comfortable with us so his parents could rehearse. Now he wants to 'hang with me' most of the time -- unless I give him some dirt to play in! Then he is a happy camper!

We meet with the Nauvoo Mission President this afternoon -- President Ludwig. Elder Prestridge (Sister Cambra's brother) had spoken with him about us and said we ought to go see him. So we did. At the conclusion of that meeting, President Ludwig asked that we submit our mission papers naming Nauvoo as the requested mission, ask our Bishop to do the same and then call him the minute the papers are actually submitted. It looks like we may be serving a mission in Nauvoo after all! But nothing is certain until the call arrives. Just the same it appears we will be on a mission fairly quickly.

Marsha also dropped a bombshell on me. She called and asked me to bet fitted for a costume as soon as possible so that I would be in costume when I teach the children the Highland Fling for the pre-show. Thanks Marsh! It's been 40 years since I did that kind of thing. I'll probably break something trying again!

Hope all is well at home. We are having a very memorable experience!

Thanks, all!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday, July 6 - Report and question

Well, we finally found time to get down to the Mississippi River. The river is not only down where it belongs but there is very little evidence that there was ever a problem! No smell, no extra bugs. Just the good old Mississip!

We began teaching the young children to be missionaries today. These kids are really sharp! We try to make sure they understand the terminology that we come across. Mostly, they have a pretty good idea as a group, what things mean. We even had one young boy tell us what a 'sheave' of wheat is! We had to look it up before hand to be certain WE knew!

The youth here are absolutely amazing! What a group of stalwart young men and women. We attended Sacrament meeting with many of the cast this afternoon and most of those who bore testimony were from the pageant and half or more of those were youth. Can you imagine a Fast Meeting in your ward where more than half are young people?

Their testimonies are incredible and their enthusiasm matches it. The young men who are on technical support (i.e. lights, stage crew, etc.) came and sang "We'll Bring The World His Truth" (or The Armies of Helaman) to our class of children. Now, you must understand. These young men didn't just timidly get through a song. They sang at the top of their voices! And it was very, very moving!

This experience has already begun changing lives. One young man said (when he bore his testimony) that he had never been much of one for service. And even for the first day after his arrival here he thought he had made a mistake in coming. Then, he said, he really got busy and involved. Now he understands the value of service and he as already grown to love his experience here!

Stories like that abound.

Question for today: What was the name of the angel who came to visit Joseph Smith when he was 16 years old?