Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday the 7th

Rehearsals are progressing very well. In fact, they have canceled a couple of rehearsals because the cast has learned so quickly and well. And we are really glad. The hot weather has arrived. In the 90's today . . . with 85 percent humidity!

The picutes are of the two of us with Marcia just outside our motel room, the district family we are assigned to meeting for gospel and pageant instruction and us taking care of a couple of the children -- grandma with Riley and grandpa with TD. I had to work hard to get TD to be comfortable with us so his parents could rehearse. Now he wants to 'hang with me' most of the time -- unless I give him some dirt to play in! Then he is a happy camper!

We meet with the Nauvoo Mission President this afternoon -- President Ludwig. Elder Prestridge (Sister Cambra's brother) had spoken with him about us and said we ought to go see him. So we did. At the conclusion of that meeting, President Ludwig asked that we submit our mission papers naming Nauvoo as the requested mission, ask our Bishop to do the same and then call him the minute the papers are actually submitted. It looks like we may be serving a mission in Nauvoo after all! But nothing is certain until the call arrives. Just the same it appears we will be on a mission fairly quickly.

Marsha also dropped a bombshell on me. She called and asked me to bet fitted for a costume as soon as possible so that I would be in costume when I teach the children the Highland Fling for the pre-show. Thanks Marsh! It's been 40 years since I did that kind of thing. I'll probably break something trying again!

Hope all is well at home. We are having a very memorable experience!

Thanks, all!

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