Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma

To celebrate Emma Smith's birthday, the Community of Christ Church (i.e. RLDS) invited us to join them in the Kirtland Temple this evening.  It was called the Emma Hale Smith Bidamon Hymn Festival.  They had prepared a program telling the story of her life intertwined with music from her first hymnal.  Our Sister missionaries were invited to sing a couple of numbers (and believe me, they can sing!).  They sat in one of the corner choir sections and sounded like really accomplished singers!

They also asked several of our senior missionaries, our site director and our mission president, along with other missionaries, to participate in the program along with their own members.  It was well written and well presented.  We sang songs we had never heard before, but all of them were sang to music we were familiar with, so we just joined in. 

The first hymnal Emma prepared was printed with words only.  There was no music.  Apparently they had several favorite tunes and they fit the words to the music.  For example, we sang "Now Let Us Rejoice" to the tune of "The Spirit Of God".  Our closing number was the familiar tune and words to "The Spirit Of God".  The Sisters joined in with a beautiful descant on the last verse.  It was so beautiful!  What a privilege to sit in the Kirtland Temple and be part of meetings there.  That would not have been possible just a couple of short years ago.

When we left the temple, people were outside, looking upward and pointing to the top of the temple.  I looked up, expecting to see angels, but it was only a wasp nest!

What a great way to end of busy Sabbath!