Sunday, June 27, 2010

Be Strong Part 3

We really need to do some serious posting! Too many things happening lately. Senior Outing, President and Sister Andersen about ready to depart, President and Sister Mecham about ready to arrive. Wow!

But first, the youth conference.

This is a picture of their arrival. They were transported by buses, which stopped down the road a couple of blocks, leaving the kids to walk into the camp itself. After the mornings' instruction (see previous post), they arrived here at about noon or there abouts.

Again, there was about 400 of them or a few more. And they were very well organized, orderly and well behaved.

After getting settled in and particpating in a talent show that evening, it came time for lights out. These kids really know how to have a camp. There was no need for adults to remain on alert through the night trying to be certain the young men and women stayed where they belonged. They simply did what they should and all had a restful nights sleep.

The next morning, they were all up early (on their own), studying the scriptures wherever they could find a spot.

The next day was full of fun and instruction, with several sites selected through which they rotated for the individual instruction/fun that was organized in each.

And they had a wonderful time!  There was a fireside Friday night and then a dance. Sister Caldwell and I (along with a few riders) left after the fireside to return to our apartment in UB. They wouldn't let us stay, insisting that we were too old and they didn't have room anyway!

We hear they stayed up a bit late this night. They all knew that it all was drawing to an end and they did not want to waste a minute of it!

But, indeed, all good things must come to an end and Saturday morning was that time. So, after spending much of the morning making baby quilts, they returned to UB.

And remember, some of them then had to climb on buses and spend as long as three more days on bumpy, rough dirt roads, getting home!

We hope they will remember this experience as long and as fondly as we will!