Sunday, May 29, 2011


There is a place called Holden Arboretum near where we live. It is something along the lines of Thanksgiving Point.  Well, sort of.

This place is 3400 acres big. Not kidding; 3400 acres!  And it is full of trees and shrubs.  They have sectioned it off and have groupings of different types of tress.  You know, this is the Linden collection and this is the Spruce collection and this is the Crab Apple collection, etc.  Except that each ‘collection’ is probably an acre or two in size.

It is really something!  There are paths but only through a small portion of it.

And we went to visit the Azalea and Rhododendron area the other day.  It was gorgeous! The Azalea’s were at their peak but the Rhododendron’s were just getting started.

The stump Sister Caldwell is standing next to, was a 150 year old Maple tree that fell down a couple of years ago. Local artists have carved figures into the exposed root/trunk portions and it really looks neat!  

We also got a chance to go see Lake Erie.  Like Lake Michigan,
it looks more like a sea than a lake.  Pretty awesome!