Thursday, March 12, 2009

You're goin' ta' love this one!

It is fascinating and very enlightening to live here -- and to learn. There are so many things which we take for granted and really don't even give a second thought to in the States.

We had just finished teaching English and were planning on going shopping, but I needed to use the restroom. I asked our students where the 'toilet' was (that's what they call it here) and she showed me.

Both stalls were occupied, so I waited. Much to my shock, a couple of moments later a lady exited one of the stalls! As I stood there for a moment dumbfounded and not quite sure what to do next, I finally remembered that we had been told that many of the restrooms here were 'coed'. I wasn't quite certain what to do but finally summoned the where-with-all to proceed.

I entered the stall only to discover that there was no toilet paper and, indeed, no place for a supply to be kept anyway. Then I also remembered that we had been told such was the norm here. You have to carry your own supply with you.

Oh well. I could wait.

We began our shopping trip and found ourselves in one of the nicest stores in town. I thought that perhaps I might have better success there. So, I asked where the restroom was and was directed to the right place.

Ahhhh! Separate restrooms! My fortune was changing! I pushed the door open and entered ---- only to have the cleaning WOMAN follow me through the door, who then went right to work cleaning the restroom -- as I was standing there -- in the middle of the men's room -- wondering what I should do next!

Wow -- two dumbfounded moments in one day!

And I really tried, mind you, I really did. But I just couldn't bring myself to - well - you know! After all, a man's dignity can only be pushed so far!

I really didn't need to 'go' anyway! (Besides, I did check and there wasn't any TP there either!)

I can't wait to see what tomorrow might bring! Stay tuned!