Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Bit Melancholy

We are feeling a bit melancholy lately. Everyday seems to bring a new "last" - our last Staff Meeting, our last English Class, our last shopping trip, etc.

We also attended our final farewell dinner and fireside. The dinner is held in the mission presidents home (top floor of the mission home) followed by the fireside in the Chapel.  Ours comes a week early, being combined with that of four Elders whose mission ends today (Wednesday). Those four, the Mission President, his wife and ourselves are in the picture.

The picture was taken just after dinner in President and Sister Mecham's appartment. Each of these four Elders means something special to us. Starting on the back left is President Mecham. Then Elder Stephenson and Elder Sherwood whom we were in the MTC with in Provo in 2008. We have known them a long time and they are excellent Elders, both finishing their missions by by helping in the office.

Next is Elder Onon. We attended the Hong Kong Temple with his mother and sister. He had been serving in the Ogden Utah Mission, but one of those who was asked to return to Mongolia to help here as he finished his misison. He speaks excellent English (the reason we needed him) and has been a terrific help here. Oh, and his sister is the one who will begin serving a mission next month. In the Ogden Utah Mission !

Elder Batbold is on the end. He had been serving in the Singapore Mission. While there, he learned Chinese and, with the help of his companion, taught himself English while he was at it!  His twin sister is Batchimeg who served a mission in Australia at the same time that our good friends Dave and Robyn Osborn did.  It's a small world! Their father and Batchimeg's baby are also in the picture. If you look closely Dave and Robyn you might be able to see that their father is wearing a Shedaisy hat!

We are really anxious to return home to see our family. But we wish we didn't have to say goodbye to all of our wonderful new friends here!