Friday, June 11, 2010

Childrens Center Service

We recently had the opportunity to volunteer at a children's center which is trying to reopen. This is something like a daycare in the States, except that some children will live here much of the year. And the children will range in age from quite young, to 11 or 12 years old, or perhaps even older.

This center is located in the middle of a large ger district (i.e. a residential area composed of gers and shanty's which are typical here).

We help one of the members here get the job as manager of this childrens center (Naraa) and she invited us to come and help get the flower beds ready and seeds planted. Naraa recently graduated from college here in what we would referr to as one of the Social Sciences. The lady who owns the center walked into our office one day and told us she was looking for a manager for a children's center. We immediately thought of Naraa.

And we had no sooner mentioned her name than she also came walking into our office! The lady hired Naraa on the spot!

When Naraa asked us if we could help, she didn't exactly have to twist any arms! Sister Caldwell, of course, was ecstatic that she could dig in the dirt again and plant some flowers! It's been a while since we have worked a flower bed!

Two senior couples along with one set of young missionaries went to help out.

We had a good time and accomplished a lot, despite an obnoxious wind blowing part of the time.

We especially liked all of the fun paintings on the walls in the compound!

Had to throw in this last picture. This is a section of wall along the back of the complound. It is fairly typical here to see a wide mix of fence types. Sometimes they just use whatever they have to get the job done!