Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Meeting's Over (See previous post)!

Just had to quickly post our new Christmas decorations! Obviously we received the recently sent Christmas package from our children! Notice the tree, nativity and Poinsetia spray in the hanging stocking (stocking courtesy of Marcia). Thanks a bunch! It just might actually start feeling a bit like Christmas around here!

But you can forget the previous post about the cold temps. It's late evening now and we're already colder than last night (see the new temperature gauge in the header above)! Ouch! It ought to be really fun tomorrow as we pick up our area supervisor at the airport in the morning!

Someone tell Amy she needs to check her email this morning. It is important.

By the way, Happy Birthday, Julie! December 4th ends here in just a little bit but it's just getting a good start there! Hope you have a really great one!

Love you all!

Mom and Dad


meglex said...

-26 degrees, YIKES!! Have you turned into popsicles yet? I will not complain one little bit this winter when it starts getting "cold". Our cold is nothing compared to yours. Your decorations look wonderful. I am glad that it is helping you out a little getting into the spirit of Christmas. Love you! Thanks for the email.

Julie said...

If it ever gets cold here. It still feels like fall or spring. At least we are getting a little rain today.

We are SO glad that package got there. Pretty fast too. One less thing to worry about.

Maybe next we need to send an electric blanket. Oh, except you wouldn't be able to plug it in!!

The Cowley Clan said...

Glad to see you have some decorations up. The kids sent you more letters but it was a little experiment so I don't know for sure if they will reach you! I hope they do!

mom said...

Elder & Sister Caldwell (Mike & Melba)
You look and sound great, Osborns isn't the same without you. I know you are doing a great work. Keep it up. You touch lives wherever you go.
Deniece Larson