Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An Apostle Visits Mongolia

Elder Russell M. Nelson came to Mongolia this week. For most members here, it was their first opportunity to see a prophet and apostle of the Lord. It was a wonderful occasion. He arrived late Sunday night and stayed on the fifth or top floor of the mission office building in President and Sister Andersen's apartment -- a rather nice place very capable of housing the Nelson's as well as the Hallstroms (area president) who came with them. We first saw him Monday morning.

He made a tour of the mission office building first thing in the morning. We were grateful to be able to shake his hand and to speak with him and Sister Nelson for a few moments (they asked us not to take pictures -- rats!). As they entered our little office, Sister Nelson was very taken by a carpet picture of President Hinckley we have hanging on the wall (see accompanying picture). We purchased it from a local carpet business a couple of weeks ago. She mentioned that it was beautiful and thought the Hinckley family would really like one. Well, it just so happens that the salesman had left a second one with us so we suggested that we could send it to the Hinckley's. She thought that would be wonderful. We are working to make that happen, now. And, yes, that really is a piece of carpet!

The first meeting we were able to attend with them was later that same day. All the missionaries in Mongolia had gathered to hear Elders Nelson and Hallstrom. The meeting was held in the mission office building at 2:00 pm. During that meeting, we received very good council from both the Nelson's and the Hallstrom's and will try to share some of it with you over the next couple of posts.

Before the meeting started, the missionaries gathered on the stand and practiced singing "Called to Serve" in the Mongolian language (of course) but also while singing the song in Mongolian sign language. There is a significant portion of the population here which is deaf, due to various conditions and circumstances. The song was very impressive. Thought you might like to hear it so I've uploaded some video.

Among the many things we were taught was one which became particularly meaningful for me. Elder Hallstrom noted that many in the audience would be dutifully recording what was said. And he knew that would be a good thing. But he added that it would be an even better thing if we recorded what we thought and felt. I decided to follow his counsel.

The adversary had been pestering me with particular persistence that Monday. I was having some difficulty staying focused and attentive to the Spirit. It was not a pleasant feeling and one I wanted badly to be rid of. But then, as I followed Elder Hallstrom's counsel and began to write down what I was hearing and particularly what I was feeling, the adversary fled. I had a great feeling of peace and well being settle over me and I understood the wisdom of Elder Hallstrom's counsel.

Then I had another thought. You know, one of 'those' thoughts! The ones where a light bulb sort of comes on and we think, "Oh yah!" I wondered if writing in a journal couldn't have the same effect. And I began, I think, to understand the counsel we have often been given to write in our journals everyday, or at least as often as we can. Especially about our feelings. It can be a powerful tool sometimes.

More tomorrow.


The Cowley Clan said...

Hey! I was actually able to view your video! I read that you had put a video up and thought it would be nice to see but figured it wouldn't happen but then I noticed it was fully loaded! There wasn't any sound but I did get to see mom doing the sign language. Good job mom!

meglex said...

That is really cool that they came over to Mongolia. Sounds like a very nice experience.

Julie said...

Well, Elder Nelson is a good one to be the Mongolian's first experience. All the apostles are great, of course, but it would really be neat to meet Elder Nelson. Still waiting for mom's 28 page email!