Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quick hello

At an internet cafe in Hong Kong right now. Got rained out and forced to come into this mall. Just wanted to say everything is great and we will return to UB in two days. Got tons to tell everyone about. This has been an amazing experience.

Elder and Sister Caldwell


The Cowley Clan said...

Yeah! Thanks for letting us know you are out there and a least think of us a little.... ;)

meglex said...

Great to hear from you!! I didn't realize how much I would miss talking to you both and getting emails/reading posts. Glad to hear that it has been a nice trip. We look forward to hearing lots more about it.

Bad Dog said...

Sure. You're hanging out in the mall in Hong Kong. I thought you said you don't get a "vacation" while you're there!

Did Mom get to see a doctor or PT while in Hong Kong?

Julie said...

you know you are missed when all you have to do is post a short paragraph to get everyone excited!!