Monday, May 4, 2009

Down Under

Just a couple of quick notes about Ulaanbaatar.

Before we leave winter entirely behind us (by the way, it has been warmer here than in Utah -- by quite a bit -- 80 degrees today!), we thought we'd show you how some of the men keep warm on the coldest nights.

There are manholes scattered around everywhere here. Men who we would refer to as homeless will sometimes crawl into those holes in the ground at night during the winter, in order to keep warm. It actually is quite a bit warmer down there. Attempts have been made to keep them out by locking down some of the manhole covers or by placing heavy pieces of concrete on them. But them usually manage to find at least a few they can still get into.

And we also thought you might like to see a picture or two of one of the main sidewalks near our apartment. They certainly are not all this bad, but they do seem to have problems maintaining things here. Many of the sidewalks around are topped with ceramic tile, though even they are not kept in really good repair, either.

One of these next posts, we will show you some of the better parts of our fair city!


Lindsie, DJ and Jarod said...

Well no wonder mom broke her arm with sidewalks like that! I've seen sidewalks in Utah that look that bad, too.

The Cowley Clan said...

Well, there is another project for you to get working on...

meglex said...

That is so sad that they climb down into the man holes to 'keep warm', with how cold it gets there it can't be to warm down there. AWESOME that it was 80 degrees over there!! We just got back from Moab and it was over 90!