Sunday, May 24, 2009

Opps! Last part of our Hong Kong Trip

I just realized that we did not quite finish our report of our trip to Hong Kong. Too much going on here to remember all of it!

During our little excursion to the south end of Hong Kong Island , we also visited a place called Aberdeen(see map posted April 24th) . Aberdeen is a sea port and was fascinating! We marveled at the conglomeration of ships in that little harbor (the larger ships were further out). If you look closely, you will probably figure out that people not only work on those boats, but many live on them, as well!

The various Sampans were the most fascinating -- including the one we were riding on! That's Elder and Sister Gibbons (our area supervisors who serve in Hong Kong) with us on the front our our little Sampan.

We often think of the blessings we receive through our service here. Being able to see parts of the world we had only seen in movies is just the icing on the cake.

After our little excursion around the bay, we just had to have a sea food dinner! One always is taking something of a risk eating out at a place that we are not familiar with. But we did pretty good. Dinner wasn't bad at all, though it didn't measure up to Johnny's On the Dock, Fisherman's Wharf or anything else in the US!

The large 'shrimp' we like to eat in the states we know is not really shrimp at all, but prawns. But I bet you've never seen one served this way! Hmmmmm good! Just makes your mouth water, doesn't it?! Want some Amy?!

Good to hear from you Rod. It's fun to see comments from folks we've temporarily left behind. It doesn't even matter what you say; it's our way of feeling connected. Kind of like our version of 'letters from home'! Thanks, all for not forgetting about us!


Lindsie, DJ and Jarod said...

How can you eat something with eyes looking right back at you? Yuck!!

So now mom has been on a plane twice and a boat, too! Wow am I impressed.

It's good to see the two if you looking so great. This mission is good for your health.

meglex said...

No thank you!! It looks absolutely horrible!! My husband, on the other hand, would probably love to try it. He LOVES shrimp, with eyes looking at you or not. Hong Kong looks like a fun place to visit, you are lucky you got to go there.

The Cowley Clan said...

Jibber jabber. Wicky wocky. Blah, blah, blah. You said it doesn't matter what we say!

By the way, dinner looks YUMMY! Makes me want to jump on a plane right now!