Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall is here!

Well, it seems awfully early but fall has come to Mongolia! As you can see, the leaves are turning in the mountains and, at least temporarily, it is quite pretty. And the mornings are getting downright brisk, too! Supposed to be down around freezing -- or below -- for the next couple of nights.

Don't know if we are fully ready for the change just yet. Winters tend to be a bit long and cold here! But they also tend to be a bit slower in the work load department. That part might be somewhat welcome! This summer has been a bit brutal at times!

This is Trelj National Park again, but this time we stopped along the way and had a bit of fun working with this eagle. Eagles are plentiful here in Mongolia but they seem to be a bit different than the types we are familiar with in the U.S.


On this latest little trip to the mountains we were with our area visitors from Hong Kong (Elder and Sister Gibbons -- actually they were the reason for the trip), and we talked Elder Gibbons into riding a camel. And low and behold, he and Elder Caldwell ended up having a camel race back to the finish line! It was sort of fun! Never raced on a camel before! (the two ladies wouldn't have anything to do with this one!)

Oh, and Elder Caldwell, of course, won!


Bad Dog said...

You'll be so disappointed and bored when you come home...

The Cowley Clan said...

Too funny!!!

aarondavidson said...

Your blog is excellent-the photographs are amazing. I always read anything I can about the work in Mongolia-what a contribution these young converts will make to the growth of the Church.

Lindsie, DJ and Jarod said...

I'm ready for fall to come here. Summer just won't let go. But my tomatoes are still green, so I guess I better be happy with the warm temps for a little longer.

I agree with Jason - you will be bored when you come home. No wonder you are wanting to take off again and see more of the world!

meglex said...

I turned the video on and the girls came running in from the other room to see what it was. They LOVED it!! Looks like a lot of fun. The picture of the fall leaves is very pretty, I am ready for it to look like that here.