Friday, January 15, 2010

Many are cold but few are frozen.

We are supposed to get above freezing [opps! my mistake - not above freezing, above zero!] today! Yipee! First time in about a month.

We have had a few comments about the 'wonderful time' we seem to be having and even one comment about the 'terrific vacation' we are on. And we do admit that we tend to post all the really good stuff - of which there is a lot.

But just so you don't think this is all fun and games here, we will post a bit about some of the challenges we face from time to time, too. There are 'a few' difficulties we must face, too.

Like the weather. It has been a long hard winter so far this year. Quite a bit colder than we remember it being last year.

This is the INSIDE of the entry door of one of our church buildings. While this is not our Nalaikh Branch, it too is like this much of the winter.

It is really necessary for us to bundle up when we go out. Even just to walk the two or three blocks to the office.

We carried a live plant from out apartment to the office recently. About a four minute walk. The plant didn't make it. Easily froze to death in four minutes!

This is Elder Caldwell, ready to go out shopping again! Once inside a store, we, of course, have the opposite problem! He has to walk a bit farther this time so he has on sweat pants and an extra shirt under his suit.

Sometimes, getting produce home from the store is a challenge, seeing how we are on foot and all. The last time we bought leaf lettuce, part of it froze before we could get home! And that store is closer to us than the office!

Oh, and salt doesn't do much good here for trying to melt ice on the sidewalks. To cold!

But, count our blessings. No frostbite so far!

We thought you might also like to see what our windows look like during the worst of the cold. Don't see out much, as you can see. Kind of pretty sometimes, though! The more cooking we do, the more artistic things become.

These only last about a month and then melt again. But we'll enjoy them while they last.

So, is this a good thing or a hard thing? Depends on how you look at it!

Did we mention that we are really looking forward to Spring?


Bad Dog said...

That's a good look for you, Dad!

I really like the windows, though. That's kind of cool.

Have you thought of taking a small cooler or thermos (if you have anything like that) to the market. They keep the cold OUT as well as they keep it IN.

Anyway, I guess as the saying goes, "cold hands and a warm heart."

God bless you. Keep up the good work.

The Fendleys said...

Oh, believe me, we know that it is not all fun a games!! We just like hearing stories here and there that show that not all of it is bad. It helps us deal with all the bad things that we know that you are faced with on a daily basis.
Hang in there, winter will be over before you know it!

I am with Jason, love the look!!!

R and R said...

I think you might get arrested if you go with that look back in the states! I wonder if a thermal bag would work (not quite as bulky). But I guess by the time we could get one to you, it probably wouldn't be needed anymore!

Val said...

Oh my goodness. This definately makes me think twice before complaining about a cold Utah winter night.

Mr C said...

Coolers are a good idea - if they had any here! Actually, we have seen a few, but they are fairly pricey. And there are a couple of other hang ups, like what to do with one while we are walking around the store!

A thermal bag would likely work, but you're right, we couldn't get one here fast enough.

Thanks for the comments. Good to know you are still thinking of us!

Bressler Bunch said...

I hope you at least get to see the sun! We haven't seen it for about 2 weeks. It's a little dreary and smoggy, but hopefully things are about to change as a storm moves in this week.

I am looking forward to spring as well -- one season closer to getting you back home!

Anonymous said...

Love the ice and snow on the inside of the door! that says it all! Doesn't the government issue weather stripping to all of it's citizens?
Maybe you should bring that up with them!