Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We know this is not going to look like much to many of you folks, but remember, we haven’t seen snow in any quantity in Ulaanbaatar since we arrived almost 1.5 years ago. But we had a snow storm a couple of days ago that was more than we had yet seen. It was probably only a couple of inches -- maybe three. It's almost impossible to tell because the wind was really blowing hard during the whole thing.

Because of the wind, most flat and open surfaces with blown most clean. But wherever there was a leeward spot, we ended up with drifts as deep as three or even four feet deep!

The first two pictures are the flower beds in front of our apartment. But right now, they are 'snow beds' shoveled pretty deep with that compacted snow.

And, as many of you would know, when snow is blown like that, those nice, big, fluffy flakes break down into really small granules and pack together really tight. And a snow shovel full of that ways three or four times as much as the fluffy kind!

Well, we had a lot of drifts. And most of it was removed by shovel! But we did also see the first snow plows put to use, as well!

At least, it all has been a first for us! And we hope it will be a last. The flat surfaces didn't manage to stay completely clean. You know, like the sidewalks and other places where we have to walk. And a half inch of ice is just as slippery to walk on as 2 inches of ice!

This last picture is the road side of the busiest street in town. There are piles like this all over.

And, of course, it will remain until the spring thaw -- about another month or so away. Temperatures of minus 35 at night and maybe 5 below during the day, don't do a lot to melt much snow!


The Fendleys said...

You should go out and build a snowman!! I guess your hopes for spring will have to wait just a little bit longer.

REBYRYAN said...

Nope Amy! They said Valentines Day. Four more days and it will all be gone! ;D

Bressler Bunch said...

Jarod would like to come to Mongolia and build a snowman. We haven't had any snow since December and he really wants to make a snowman.

Marcia said...

Reminds of White Christmas where they sing: "SNOW, SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Love, Marcia