Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All Senior Missionaries Have Returned!

We now have all of our seniors back in the country! That's good news!

Some of those who had to leave, spent 10 days sleeping on the floor in Seoul, Korea. Boy are they glad to be back!

And what's more, Elder and Sister Clark returned for a second mission a couple of days ago, so things are looking up.

We all met with Area Authority Seventy, Elder Watson, last evening in President and Sister Andersen's home. President had us all tell him about ourselves and what we do as seniors here. We must admit that even we were a bit surprised at all the seniors are doing. We generally don't make it a practice to sit and list all we are doing with each other. It was something of an eye opener to do so.

But we would really like to talk to those in the MTC who told us that seniors get to take a nap every afternoon if they want. Hah!

But, alas, still no young proselyting missionary resolution. It looks like an all Mongolian missionary force is likely for the young ones. And that's not all bad! They do a great job and this is a real opportunity for them to grow and to serve.

One of the biggest challenges, though, will be finding adequate translation for the Mission President so that he can communicate with and individually interview that all Mongolian missionary force and speak with the membership here, as well.

But this work will continue, one way or another!


The Fendleys said...

Yahhh!! That is awesome!! But I am guessing that means you will not be coming home early, right? :(

REBYRYAN said...

Guess they need to call a Mongolian mission president! Glad to hear you got all the couples back.

Bressler Bunch said...

You have lots of Mongolian members who speak English very well. Guess you also better get busy teaching english!

You need Mart back.

Bad Dog said...

I thought that meant you could come home early :(

Mr C said...

What it means is that WE need to start learning Mongolian!