Sunday, March 28, 2010


It actually reached 46 degrees Fahrenheit today! We never thought 46 could feel so good!

We even went for a walk after church. People were out everywhere! It has been a long, LONG time since we were actually able to enjoy being outside. Five months since we were above freezing!

And you should have seen the snow and ice melting! It's almost all gone now, except for a few spots that the sun can't quite reach. But even they are melting.

No more walking on ice!

"We're havin' a heat wave, a tropical heat wave . . ."


REBYRYAN said...

HAHA! Pretty sad when 46 degrees is a heat wave!

Bressler Bunch said...

You're a weirdo! : )

The Fendleys said...

You're going to come back to Utah and think that you are in a desert!! We are suppose to reach 68 today.

Mr C said...

Utah IS a desert, silly!