Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things are looking up!

We have been told that two of the four couples which had to leave a little over one week ago, will return tomorrow! As we understand it, their paperwork all cleared and they have reserved seats on a return flight on Saturday, though we don't know what time, yet. So, of course, we are having a welcome home party for Elder and Sister Powell and Elder and Sister (Choibalsan) Anderson, Saturday night!

Elder and Sister Eliason and Elder and Sister Atkins should follow in a couple of days. That means we will likely be without a mission doctor (Elder Eliason) for about two weeks.

And what's more, Elder and Sister Clark arrived last night for their 'repeat engagement'. At least they were supposed to have. We haven't seen them, yet, but assume that they made it late last night.

Welcome back, all!

Now, if we can just work things out for the younger missionaries.


REBYRYAN said...

I don't think I would like spending that much time on a plane!! Glad you're getting them back though!

Bressler Bunch said...

I guess you'll have to stay healthy and make sure to break no bones while your doctor is away.

Marcia said...

Our prayers are being answered.

The Fendleys said...

Did they have to come all the way back to the US just to turn around and go back to Mongolia? Glad to see that things are being worked out. That is GREAT!!! I agree with Julie, NO BROKEN BONES (except I will exclude the "while the doctor is away" part. Let's just have NO BROKEN BONES at all, okay?!!!):)!!!