Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Homeless Shelter

There have been a number of difficulties which we have been reporting on here in our blog. Well, we have also had some difficulties with the homeless shelter in Nalaikh -- the one for which we have asked to serve as project managers for a Humanitarian Project approved by the Church to help them. It seems there have developed some significant conflicts between the owner and the manager there. So, we have had to back away from that project, hoping that it will soon be resolved, allowing us to continue our relationship with them.

But all is not lost. Our initial contact and association with a number of those living there, was not lost entirely. A few of them continued to come to Church services on Sunday and wanted the missionary lessons, too.

Last Friday night, one of the 21 one baptisms we spoke of in our last post, was one of our new friends from the shelter -- Naraanbaatar.

Naraanbaatar (the one in the middle in this picture) was one of the first people we met during our initial visits there. He speaks a bit of English and we found that to be useful on more than one of our visits there. He is a good guy and we were thrilled to see him accept the Gospel and to watch the change that we can see in him.

Not only that, but it was his birthday Sunday. So, we decided to make a cake and have a little birthday party for him after Sacrament Meetings (you know, the only meeting we are currently allowed to have on Sunday in many buildings). He was thrilled!

We hope we will yet have the opportunity to see that same change in others at the shelter. The Gospel can provide so much hope for people -- especially those who have had so much reason to loose hope during a tough time in their lives.


REBYRYAN said...

The work does go forth!

Bressler Bunch said...

So is he a resident of the shelter or does he work there?

Mr C said...


The Fendleys said...

Another wonderful thing that you get to be involved in while you are over there, cool!

Marcia said...

I am and continue to be a firm believer that the answer to the social ills of this world lie in living with fullness the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. You could just see the joy of that man.