Saturday, May 1, 2010

Closing Ceremonies

Just a quick update on our NRT Training (see previous post).

This is the Closing Ceremonies for the second of two very successful training sessions held this week. This was also the larger of the two groups.

We've learned, now, that the training here carries a particular distinction. Though also held in many other nations, it usually only reaches a relatively small portion of the total population of doctors. Here in Mongolia, every Neonatal Specialist in the country attended this training, as far as we know. All of them. 100%

As a result, during his closing remarks, Dr. Preece suggested that if all of the NRT Specialists now do their part in training nurses and assistants, that there is the potential for Mongolia to move from a country troubled with infant mortality, to one of the safest of countries in which to have a baby. Quite a step up, wouldn't you say?

Each of the participants received a bag like the one pictured, full of training materials and medical equipment.

This is where at least some of your donation dollars have been used. Feels good, doesn't it.


REBYRYAN said...

That's amazing to get that good of a turnout! Even more amazing that it can have that great of am effect! Very cool!

The Fendleys said...

Hopefully it will have the effect that they are hoping for. That is great!!

Dave Osborn said...

Hey it is good to see that the Church is doing that in Mongolia as well. Vanuatu, Samoa , and New Guinea were benefits of neo Natal training as well. We in Public affairs used to use the Church made DVD to show the world of some of the things we used to do.