Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The End of a Great Experience

We have spent much of the day saying goodbye's, it seems. Then we had a surprise farewell party sprung on us this afternoon. Everyone in the mission offices came to wish us well and to say goodbye.

Then, tonight we attended an addiction recovery class which is directed by our good friends, Elder and Sister Powell. It is humbling to see these good people who want so badly to be free of their difficult problem as they come together to help each other.

At 9:45 tomorrow morning, we will meet with President Mecham for a moment to kneel in pray before we depart. Then, he will drive us to the airport and we will be on our way shortly there after. Then, at about 7:45 that same night, we will be reunited with our family. Only an 8 hour trip (not counting the 13 hours or so we gain enroute)!

See some of ya' tomorrow! The rest of ya' will have to wait a couple of days!


The Fendleys said...

36 hours left!!! WOOHOO!!!

The Fendleys said...

Actually, that is 35 hours and 30 minutes, sorry 'bout that!!! (The computer is an hour early on the actual time here, still haven't figured that one out.)

REBYRYAN said...

Can't wait to SEE you!!

Bad Dog said...

I'm glad you got to finish your addiction recovery program before you come home. It's been a long two years, but you'll be so much happier this way. :)

Oh, and we can't wait to see you!

Marcia said...