Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Missionary Call

More than a year ago, I think we mentioned that young men and young women often receive misison calls here but, being the only member of the Church in their family, have no one to share it with. That is a common situation here. Most of the young people who join the Church in Mongolia are pioneers in their own right. The Church is very new here and they are the first to join in their home.

But they are very committed and dedicated and serve well, whatever mission they are called to.

This is another of those new missionaries. She is a very sweet young lady and invited us to join with her as she opened her mission call. It was really fun to watch her excitement! She will be serving here in Mongolia and was thrilled with that opportunity.

We are going to miss these wonderful people here!


The Fendleys said...

I know that they are all going to miss you both too!!! But we are so excited that we are getting you back, 2 more weeks, YAHOOOO!!!

Bressler Bunch said...

Seems like you have become "mom and dad" to alot of young people over there.

REBYRYAN said...

That would be hard to not have your family want to share in that but glad she had you to share it with her.

Marcia said...

What a great blessing to know that you have a "church family" even when your natural family isn't there to support you.

SLCDramaGirl said...

Thanks for hosting home evening tonight! We loved the pumpkin pie! You're one of the best cooks ever!
Thanks for your friendship!
The Lassons

Anonymous said...

We've enjoyed looking at your blog since we found it several months ago. I am Mongolian but joined the church in the States and haven't been back except for visits. It's nice to see what is happening in the church there. Thank you so much for doing this blog during your mission.

Dave Osborn said...

Well, you certainly have done well and Mongolia is all the better for your service! Of course we all get paid the same no matter what assignment we take on, but to know that you have contributed has got to be satisfying. What is nice is that I hear that you are guarnteed an extra 10 YEARS OF LIFE FOR EVERY MISSION YOU GO ON ! Read the fine rint ! it's right there.
See you in a couple of weeks!
Dave and Robyn Osborn