Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wonderful Kirtland!

Part 1

The 124th section of the Doctrine and Covenants, verse 84 says, in part, " . . . nevertheless, I the Lord will build up Kirtland . . .".  So what, you say?  The 124th Section was received in 1841.  The saints had been forced out of Kirtland three years earlier, in 1838.  So why does the Lord say, he will build up Kirtland, after they had already left?  Easy, it is yet to happen. Or at least, it was yet to happen.

Hiram Smith, Joseph's brother, prophesied of the future building up of Kirtland, too.  But he said that the building up of Kirtland was to happen many years in the future and would be accomplished by the descendants of those who lived there in the 1830's.

Little did we know that when we came to Kirtland, it would be in direct fulfillment of prophecy!

Part 2

Fall is showing up in force, now. We've had night time lows in the 40's a few nights and the trees are really starting to turn.  Still not a majority of them but it is really getting pretty.  When Karen and Grady arrive, things ought to really be showy!

We are really looking forward to all the color that they all talk about around here.


The Fendleys said...

Our trees are starting to change too. We went out on our boat yesterday and my kids loved the beautiful trees. Can't wait to see more. Have a fun visit with Karen and Grady, how fun!!

REBYRYAN said...

Makes me want to take a drive through the canyon...

Bressler Bunch said...

We went up the canyon last sunday. The colors are really getting pretty, but nothing compared to back east I am sure.