Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday, July 13 2008 & today's question

The weather continues to be very unusual. It rained yesterday but stopped and dried out just in time for the pageant. Then it rained some more during the night. The temperture AND humidity have been very low on most days with only two days having been really hot and muggy. Temperatures were in the 70's today even with a clear sky and lots of sunshine. It is gorgeous! And it is supposed to continue like this for much of the coming week!

The pageant is doing very well and we are enjoying our service and visit here. These people work very hard -- and like it! I have often mused that this is must be a little bit like what the millenium will be; lots of saints working very hard to bring the Gospel to Heavenly Father's children.

Sunday meetings are like Stake Conference! The 8:00 am block is full of missionaries and the 2:00 pm block is full of pageant cast!

We have been setting records for missionary work and are really excited about that! It is surprising to see who the Lord brings to this place. President Hinckley said (paraphrased), 'Those who come to Nauvoo are brought here by appointment.' And we have had people from all parts of the world visiting here. All the more significant when we stop and think that Nauvoo is not exactly a destination point! But here they come, anyway. Brought here by the Lord to here the Gospel!

The only sad part is that we only have this next week left to participate in this great effort and to associate with these wonderful people! Then we must return to dreary old Utah (no offense)!

Today's question: How many sunstones (picutured above) were used in the Nauvoo Temple?

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you told me which you were in the picture as I never would have guessed. It sounds like you are having a blast and I'm so happy for you and Melba. Congrats on the new grandchild and happy Birthday!!!


meglex said...

30 sunstones.

Ryan said...

30? - 3 survived...Cowley kids.