Saturday, July 19, 2008

July 19th and Today's Question

Time seems to be fast coming to a close for our part in the pageant -- too fast! We are experiencing some very mixed emotions. It has been a wonderful experience.

It rained yesterday - and last night. The rain fell fairly heavy during the late afternoon and then stopped. A drizzle began just after the pageant started and kept up for about half of the show. When it came time to 'erect' the temple (made of cloth), the rain stopped. Had it continued, it would have made it difficult to store it again after the show. It is rolled up and put in pieces in baskets. So we are grateful it did not get wet! Immediately after the show, we took it back down in case the rain started up again.

These are just a couple of pictures of the pageant. We wish all of you could see it! We have had several audience members tell us that they have seen the Hill Cumorah Pageant (some had just come from there) but that they found the Nauvoo Pageant to be even better! There is much taught in this pageant about the Book of Mormon being a wonderful companion to the Bible, Eternal families and our belief in Jesus Christ.
Our cast has been able to increase the number of those we share the Gospel to over previous years. It is a great opportunity to share the joy of what the Lord has given us with others! There are many stories to tell and we hope to be able to share them when we return.

Tonight will be our last opportunity to participate in this wonderful production. We leave on Monday and plan on visiting a couple of Church sites on our way back -- hopefully Adam-Ondi-Ahman and/or Far West.
Today's Question: What was the date the prophet Joseph Smith was martyred? Anyone catch any other signigficance of that day and month?

We are anxious to see everyone again and look forward to returning home.

The Caldwell's


Cowley kids said...

June 27, 1844
your anniversary

Anonymous said...

Yah, What they said. Wow, you guys have been married that long? That's what 164 years? You are old farts aren't you?!! Have a good last night at the pageant, give Marcia all of our love. And tell her thanks for the postcard.