Monday, September 29, 2008

It's getting closer!

Just in case you are interested in what the Mongolian alphabet looks like! They use the cyrillic alphabet as do Russis and other countries. However, they added two letters for a total of 35.

Seniors are not required to learn the language but Sister Caldwell and I are going to give it a try!

So . . . Sain Baina oo! (Mongolian greeting).

We have received our passports and are now waiting on visa's. Still don't know how that will turn out. If everything goes as currently planned, we will leave for the Provo MTC on Monday, October 27th and arrive in Mongolia on November 12th.

By the way, Mongolia is 14 or 15 hours ahead of Utah, dependant on daylight savings time which Mongolia does not adjust for. So don't call us at noon Utah time, ok?

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The Cowley Clan said...

I won't call you at noon our time if you promise not to call during your dinner!