Saturday, October 25, 2008


It has been quite an adventure so far! And we haven't even left yet!

Let's see, we have had our departure date changed four times -- so far -- and we finally found out just last Monday that we are for certain entering the MTC this Monday! We like surprises, but . . . And we are really anxious to get out there (I've got to get some rest -- can't seem to get any here!). I don't know that we have ever had a more challenging time as we have tried to make ready for this mission, and in half the time we would normally have had. But, it is worth it!

We continue to learn more about the people and the country of Mongolia. We have met with several missionaries who have recently returned from there and have been impressed with what they have t0ld us. Well, most of it, anyway! We're still not sure 'bout the fermented Mare's milk they are inclined to serve to honored guests there! We do know that we will have a maid there who will help with the chores around the apartment. The cost for the service is small and we want to help provide employment for at least one person there. The young lady, we are told, is a returned missionary herself and does an excellent job.

We still do not have our visa's. The Church travel department,however, is certain that they are on their way and that we will receive them while in the MTC. We have made two trips down to the MTC and look forward to the time we will be spending there. There is a wonderful Spirit there!

We continue to attempt to learn the language and have had two sessions with a tutor, now. She is very patient, thank heaven! It is a difficult language but we are giving it a good shot. Or was it that she is about ready to shoot us? It was something like that! Can't quite remember the details!


grandmacinny said...

John and I are so excited for you, we almost wish it was us. I'm so sorry we can't meet with you today and we can't believe your in the MTC tomorrow. We send all of our love and support with you. I'm sure you'll love it, and I'm sure they will love you too.

I'll check your blog and comment. You can check my blog and comment also. ""

I'll pray for your health and strength. If you have that, you have everything.


Carolyn and Allison said...

It was so awesome to come and partake a little of your spirit this past weekend, and our prayers go with you. Just an interesting note for you--I think the couple you are going to replace are from West Jordan, and was a former Mutual President of my friend Ora's daughter. They used to live next door to Mike's sister when they lived in West Jordan. What a small world. You'll have to let me know. Love to you both.