Monday, October 27, 2008

We're on our way!

We made it! We are at the MTC! And what an incredible first day!

First, I met a cousin who I have never met. He and his wife (Elder and Sister Caldwell) are on their way to Bangkok. And David Henry Caldwell, Jr. is great grandfather to both of us! He is a bit older than I and was raised in Canada, after the Caldwell's moved there, near Cardston. He has lots of storites to tell -- first person!
Then I discovered that the couple right across the hall from us in the residence hall, is from Tacoma, Washingtion! He looked very familiar so I introduced myself and asked where he was from. As soon as he said Tacoma, I knew why he looked familiar!

Elder and Sister have known our family for years and he knew my father and mother very well. We will have a wonderful time talking of things in Tacoma, I'm sure!

The Spirit here is incredible! We only spent a half day in classes to day, mostly orientation. But even that was wonderful! I can't believe the number of different countries these senior couples are going to! They are awesome!

And, of course, the day started out nice as we were able to have breakfast with many of our children and grandchildren before arriving at the MTC. And we have been told that family is welcome to come and visit us when time allows. That's good news as some of children really would like to do so.

Well, we care kind of tired. So, as Tigger would say, "Ta, ta for now!"

Elder and Sister Caldwell


meglex said...

Thank you for keeping us up to date on what is going on at the MTC. I know that you guys are probably exausted, but it is so nice to hear how it is all going so far. Keep us posted when you get extra time. We love you!!!

Bad Dog said...

So I hear you have to eat weird foods on a mission. What is the weirdest thing you've had to eat, so far?

Mr C said...

Just who is 'bad dog' anyway?!

We will likely be treated to some food we are not used to before this is over. However, we are still in training and won't arrive in Mongolia for a couple of weeks.