Friday, November 14, 2008

MOM: I expected to get more praise and glory for making the airplane flight without a complaint! Actually it was pretty cool. I think I'll work on one of those 2 engine CESNAs next!

We met President Anderson at the airport. (If you could call it an airport). Provo has a bigger airport than this "international" airport. It was a joke! Sister Anderson took us out to a hamburger place because President Anderson was very busy. He did meet us, but he had several appointments (and of course our plane was late).

We were told we had a very nice apartment, NOT! At least not compared to America. It took us a little while, but we realize that we have a very nice Mongolian apartment. We are going to do a little work on it though, against everyone's advice of course.

We slept very well (as dad told you). I think we were too tired to do anything but sleep. We have a hard of hearing lady next door. But she did turn the sound off of her TV at 9:30. I got up this morning at 6:00 and started to unpack things. First thing I unpacked was my family pictures. Second thing was the tissues. But I think I have it under control now.

We met with President Anderson for an hour and a half. He is very nice. We have met lots of the couple missionaries now. Everyone is treating us like we are very special! Hey! We are! We got two packages from home already (from Marcia). Someone let her know we are ready for Christmas. She packed in stockings, music, Christmas candy, scarves, mittens, etc, etc. Some one be sure and let her know how fun it was to open them. And let everyone know it came US Post Office regular mail in just 8 days! Amazing. I don't know why I've been using Priority!

Dad: Sister Anderson took us shopping this am. What an experience! I will never, NEVER, EVER complain about Utah drivers again! They are wonderful! The best drivers in the world! And then they told me they wanted me to get a license so I can drive around here! Ain't goin'a happen!

It is really crazy! You can't wait for some one to let you into flowing traffic. They simply won't. You must literally force you way in. And clearance is maybe one or two inches between vehicles. It's insane!

The stores they took us to were very interesting. Mecury (name of one of the larger food stores) is simply a complomeration of individual vendors selling their wares. And you pay each one from whom you purchase anything. Some have duplicate items and different pricing from each other. But few prices are posted and you have to ask the price. Of course, they do not speak English much so they just type it into a calculator screen and show it to you!

I should mention that we first went to the bank and I withdrew 300,000.00. That's about $300 but it sound more impressive the other way!

Well, go to go. One of the senior couples is taking us to dinner and we are already late. More later.


Bad Dog said...

WOW! You guys were absolutely awesome, what with that flying and all. I can't say how impressed I am. Is "hero" too strong of a word, do you think?

I can't wait to see some pics of the flat. If they didn't think you'd try to fix it up, they don't know Dad, yet. He'll have it looking like the Taj Mahal in a couple months. Just don't get so impressive that someone wants to rob you! Lay low. Maybe you could have a button you press when you get home and the walls and floor would flip around to reveal your opulent estate. Then when you leave, it flips back and looks like military barracks. Work on that.

Well, good luck. Sounds like Mom's hardest part wasn't the flight, afterall. Remember, "all things will be for thy good and will give you experience."

The Cowley Clan said...

Okay - Mom, I am so incredibly proud of you for doing so extremely well on your first airplane experience. You are sooo awesome!!! (Is that better?) Dad, Good luck with the driving thing!

Glad to hear about your "adventures". Post some pics when you can. We love you.

The kids all pray that Grandma and Grandpa will have a good mission and be safe every time they say a prayer!! I don't think there is a more direct line to heaven than the prayer of a child so you should be fine!!

We love you!!

Julie said...

Go for it Dad!! Get your license. Pretty soon you'll be cutting in and out with the best of them.

Mom, we are grateful that our prayers were answered and you were able to fly without too much anxiety. But this is the last time we let you fly off to the other side of the world!! Do you understand me young lady?

Jarod kisses your picture goodnight everynight before bed. So every day at about noon your time you get a Jarod kiss.

Love you.

meglex said...

I think that everyone else already said it all. Mom, I am VERY proud of you for flying so well. And I am even more proud of you for doing it without Dramamine, WOW! And it sounded like you pretty much stayed up most of the time. I bet that was hard! But it probably helped you adjust to the time change, right? "Bad dog" is right. You both will have that place looking like a castle in no time! It was great to hear from you. I am still having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that as we wake up, you are going to sleep and vice versa. It is wierd!! I told my girls last night as I was putting them to bed that you probably had just eaten lunch. I find myself doing that all the time, comparing where you are at in the day to where we are. We miss you, but are VERY proud of you!! Love Ya!!

Thomas said...

Mike, get the license. Then you can be a taxi driver in Mexico.
So glad everything went well. Love reading the blog.

Julie said...

By the way, Dad, I told you I would let you know . . . gas is $1.95 (and yes, that is American money)