Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the . . .

It's Christmas again! Two of the packages promised from home (you know, the ones mailed over a month ago!) arrived in the mail yesterday! In fact, 40 packages arrived in the mission yesterday! It's surprising what a package from home can do to lift one's spirits! I think we managed to get everything in the picture. As you can see, everything arrived in great condition. There was one Reece's that was partially smashed and that was it!

And every single items is just what the doctor ordered! We are really going to enjoy this stuff!

On a more solemn note, Sister Caldwell went to the doctor today. The news wasn't exactly what we had hoped for. It would have been nice had he at least replaced that big old cast with a smaller one. What he did do was rewrap the original one and tell us it has to stay on for at least two more weeks!

He did replace the bandages, as mentioned. And in the process was able to wrap it so that the cast is supported much better. That has helped. We just hope the next two weeks go by really fast!

But the other couples continue to be a great support and help. One of the senior Sister's is a registered nurse. She accompanied Sister Caldwell to the doctor while I taught a workshop that was scheduled some time ago. Then, she rounded up some larger clothes, had Sister Caldwell try them on, and altered them to accommodate the cast. Melba now has a new wardrobe -- one she can wear with the cast, thus allowing her to get out and about more. For both of us! I could use the help at the office!

There is a small silver lining in all this after all!

Note: In the last post, Dave Osborn commented about getting out of the apartment in the event of a fire, in view of all these locks. Good observation. Hadn't really given that much thought. However, I think a major fire is pretty much impossible in these old buildings. The walls, ceilings and floors are all of concrete. And we mean ALL of the walls -- outside walls, inside walls, partions -- everything! A fire's not goin' far in this old place! Might manage to burn the wallpaper off the walls, but I doubt it!


The Cowley Clan said...

Sorry to hear about the dang cast! But I guess the packages couldn't have had better timing! Glad to hear that mom has at least got some clothes now so she isn't homebound anymore. Getting out can do a lot to lift spirits! The kids each continue to pray for Grandma's speedy recovery. We love you!

meglex said...

Darn it!! We were so excited for you to get it off, SORRY!! I guess you need to do whatever it takes to heal your arm though, to bad it wasn't at least a different kind of cast, one that is easier. By now though you should be a pro at how to manuever with that cast, right? I am so glad to hear that you got your packages(some of them anyway). Rebecca is right, it couldn't have come at a better time. Now you at least have some comfort food. We love you!!

Bad Dog said...

You're not missing much. I'm sure you want to get out and get some fresh air. But you'll need to wait until spring for that, anyway! (You know, cause there's no fresh air there right now? Get it? Because of the fires for heating in the winter?)

Besides, when you gots cookies, who needs luxuries like two arms and a good night's rest? Just think of all the people who were born with broken arms and will be that way their whole lives! You don't think they get cookies, do you?