Monday, January 12, 2009


In her comment on our last post, Amy hoped that the latchless door was not our front door. Just thought I'd include some pics of our entry way and the security involved.

From the inside, you can see our front door in the first picture. Well, at least you can see the first of the doors. Open that door and you will find another, as shown in the second picture.

The first door (the inside door), only has three dead bolt type locks.

On the second door (the outside door) you can see a closeup of four of the 17 dead bolt cylinders that constitute the locks on that door. That's right -- 17! Eleven down the front edge of the door (as shown in the picture) an 3 more on each the top and the bottom of the door. It requires two complete turns of the key on that door to get them all locked!

With the three on the inside door, that makes 20! And that, of course, is why there's no latches on the inside doors. They are all on the front doors!

How's that for security, Amy?!


meglex said...

Wow!!! I am impressed. Looks like you are living in Fort Knox, CRAZY!! I can rest a little easier now that I know that nobody can break into your apartment. Why do they have so many locks, do you know? And two doors, that is wierd!! Or should I just say "T.I.M."?

Bad Dog said...

Perhaps we should be *more* worried that you need that level of security. :o

What exactly are you storing in that apartment? Fresh fruits and vegetables?

The Cowley Clan said...

I agree with Jason. Is there something you are leaving out on these posts?

Elder Osborn said...

Nice, I hope you never have to get out quickly , like in case of fire or something. You may be what is known as Mongolian Crispy Critters!

Julie said...

YAHOO!! I just noticed that your temperature is above zero!!! That's the first time I saw that in a while. Things really are looking up.

Julie said...

Oops. Posted that on the wrong day. Guess I'll go post it in the right place!!!

Val said...

Wow I am impressed! I have been wondering what to do about teenage daughters and the boys who may want to come around. If I get started now I might get all the locks on and the extra door in by the time she is old enough to date. ( 3 years )