Sunday, April 19, 2009

Conference Time - For Us!

Elder Caldwell: This weekend was conference time for us. Ya, we know. A little bit late. The mission president decided that it might be best to delay conference an additional week to avoid clashing with Easter. The saints here are having difficulty assimilating that concept and it was felt that it would be better for them to have last week strictly for Easter. Unfortunately, it was never mentioned in the branch we attended.

Just the same, we had a wonderful conference weekend yesterday and today! I had been somewhat curious about how it would be to see conference after the fact. We are somewhat spoiled to have always been able to see it as it happened. But it wasn't very much different as a recording! We really enjoyed it.

In fact, there are some advantages. When we found a talk we especially liked, we could either replay it immediately, or download the written version immediately, for further reading and study -- or both. No waiting for nearly a week for them to appear on the internet!

Personally, I found several of the talks that must have been written with just myself in mind. How did they know? I've really got some changing to do now! Two of the talks I particularly enjoyed was the wonderful and powerful remarks by Elder Holland concerning the Savior (which we know has since been made used by the Church to make a wonderful video -- see the Church website or Mormon Messages on the web). I don't know that I have ever heard a more powerful testimony of what the Savior has provided for us. That is one talk I intend to study closely.

I also enjoyed Elder Pearson's remarks in the Saturday afternoon session. Another talk to be closely studied.

Then there was President Monson's opening remarks, and Elder José A. Teixeira of the Seventy. And also . . . . ok so I liked them all!

Oh, and one more thing. The weather also doesn't seem to differentiate between the real thing and a recording. It snowed today, just like at real conference!

Sister Caldwell: I think we all have our favorite speakers, and sometimes our favorite topics. I don't think anyone could disagree Jeffery R. Holland's talk was very touching and inspiring.

One talk that really caused me to think was given by Henry B. Eyring. Close to the end of his talk he referred us to Alma 34. Alma is teaching the people to have faith, humble themselves, repent and pray. He then asked these "poor" people to go out and serve the needy (like, who did he think they were?) He actually asked them to give to others what they were hoping he would promise to give to them.

Being here in Mongolia has been quite an experience. We are seeing some of the truly poor of the world, but as they accept the gospel, they are so willing and even anxious to give to others what they are hoping the Lord might have chosen to bless them with. Now where does that leave us "wealthy" Americans? I think in that one short example I felt new direction and determination to serve and bless the "needy and the naked, and visit the sick and afflicted."

I also enjoyed the messages about attending the temple. Some were directed at the sacrifice it takes to get to the temple. We are seeing that first hand. It has caused us to appreciate and remember how much we love the blessings of the temple. I hope I will never take that blessing for granted.

Beyond the messages we enjoyed so much, I think we learned how much we appreciate the technology that has allowed us to be able to view conference at all. I think we are learning to appreciate a lot of things over here.


Julie said...

It seems like a lot of the things you enjoyed about conference are also in my notes! Funny. My kids didn't like Elder Pearson's talk, though. Too much science they said! haha. We were playing a game where the children chose words from a bowl and everytime they heard their word they got a piece of candy. Everyone hoped they would pull "temple" or "Jesus" out of the bowl because whoever had those words got all the candy!

The Cowley Clan said...

Glad to hear that you finally got to enjoy it. I never really get to enjoy it until it comes out in the Ensign anyway and then I can read it after the kids are in bed instead of trying to fight them! See, you should have stayed at the party last year after all! Sounds like you could have gotten more out of the replay anyway!

Mr C said...

OK, I think I have been in Mongolia too long. I read the Cowley Clan response and thought it said I never get to enjoy it until it comes out in ENGLISH. I was really empathizing with you until my mind cleared!

meglex said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself, even if it was a little late. There is no time frame on the gospel, right?