Friday, April 24, 2009

Hong Kong - Part 4

Thought we had best work on finishing our Hong Kong trip report.

Following the wonderful experiences we had in the temple all week, we had some additional time to do a little bit of sightseeing. The group left Sunday morning after an early Sacrament Meeting arranged just for us. Their original departure date had been Monday, but they made some changes so that they could spend a little more time in Beijing as they made train connections there.

Our flight didn't leave until Tuesday morning, so we ended up with a day all to ourselves. Elder and Sister Gibbons (our area leaders over Employment who work out of Hong Kong where the area offices are) offered to take us to see a few things at the south end of Hong Kong Island -- a market called Stanley Market (one of the better known markets in Hong Kong) and Aberdeen, where there are lots of ships and small boats.

On the map, it looks farther than it is from Hong Kong harbor on the north of the island, to Stanley. You just take the bus straight through the mountain (there is a tunnel of course!) and you're there. The area is slightly less populated and very nice. We passed a place called 'Ocean Park'. We understand that it has an amusement area as well as an aquarium - the kind of place we would have liked to visit, had time allowed. Guess we'll have to come back some day!

Stanley market is quite a place. Again, the talent and artistry of these people are amazing. This is a discount type market but they have some wonderful treasures of art of various kinds as well as the expected tourist type trinkets. We could have spent most of a day there (and a lot of money!) if time had allowed. As it was, we did buy a couple of nice little souvenirs and had a good time looking around.

It is a very pretty area, as you can see.

This reminded Elder Caldwell very much of where he grew up as a child. The Puget Sound area of Washington state and the open ocean a few miles further west are very much like this area. Very green (a result of the ocean and the resulting moisture it brings) and the wonderful smell from the ocean breeze! The ocean seems to be a very relaxing place, for some reason.

Oh, one additional picture. We just couldn't pass this up! Some of the restrooms in China are like the ones we found here at Stanley. Look closely. Yup! No 'sit down' facility such as we are so used to. One just sort of 'squats' as you hang on to the railing! Very nicely finished, mind you! Just a bit different than we are used to! Sister Caldwell just couldn't stop laughing when she found these!

Next time: Aberdeen - a fascinating look at life 'on' the water as well as 'water life'.


meglex said...

I was beginning to wonder if you went back to Hong Kong, we haven't heard from you in little while!!
Love the bathrooms, I bet those were fun! Looks like a pretty island.

Julie said...

I am so jealous of your world travels. You are getting some great opportunities to see things I bet you never thought you'd see.

Being near the ocean is peaceful, as is being in the mountains. I wonder why we feel so much peace in those areas?

The Cowley Clan said...

A couple in our ward just got back from Hong Kong (they were probably actually there at the same time as you). When asked what they missed most the sister responded immediately with "bathrooms!" Now I know why!