Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hello Elder and Sister Lasson!

We were excited to see a comment from Elder and Sister Lasson on our last post. They will be joining us here in Mongolia soon! We have heard you were coming and can't wait to meet you! Would love to here from you (see email to the right under our picture).

During last week's Zone Conference, one of the Elders related the following story.

As he and his companion were walking the neighborhood, they met a man named Inkhbat. After speaking with him and telling him a little about the Gospel, they arranged to visit him at his home the next day.

After locating what they thought was his home (let's just say that addresses here are not what we are used to in the States!), they knocked on his door. They did not, however, immediately recognize the man who answered. Not too surprising really. They speak with many people in a day and just could not be certain whether or not this was their contact from the day before.

They introduced themselves and asked if he was Inkhbat. He did not respond, but invited them in. They had a good discussion (while he smoked nearly a whole pack of cigarettes) and arranged for an additional time to continue teaching him the Gospel.

The following day, they noticed him near the Church building and were excited to see him there. They spoke with him and he then told them that he, indeed, was not Inkhbat but that Inkhbat was his brother. They asked him why he had not said anything the day before. He answered that he was afraid they might leave!

He told them that he had been fishing a few days before and, not having much in the way of food, needed very much to catch some fish, but was having no success. He became quite discouraged and depressed but finally began thinking about the concept of a God, wondering if there really was one. He eventually concluded that if there was a God (offering probably the closest thing to a prayer, of sorts, that he would likely know), then he would be able to catch fish.

Within a short time, he indeed began catching more fish than he knew what to do with. And his belief in God changed. When the missionaries knocked on his door, he was ready and wanted to learn.

He joined the Church and quickly became a very strong member and an asset to his branch.

I have wondered how many frustrating experiences I have had which the Lord used (or at least would have used) to prepare me to learn something I needed to know.

I hope that at least sometimes I have managed to listen.


Julie said...

We would love to meet the new couple, who will be joining our parents in Mongolia, before they leave for the MTC! Come on over for ice cream!

Great story. It seems Heavenly Father truly wants the gospel to grow over there. You have many great stories.

The Cowley Clan said...

So did they ever meet the real guy there were supposed to talk to?

meglex said...

It is amazing to me how many people have happened to stumble across your blog. It is awesome, and you are very good at providing a lot of information about all of your experiences, which in turn helps them all to learn so much about Mongolia. Way cool!!
Congratulations Elder and Sister Lasson on your call, you are very lucky to be going to such a wonderful place with such wonderful people.

Brandi said...

God is good! What an amazing story!