Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!

It's our 40th wedding anniversary today! It difficult to believe that 40 years have passed by already! I remember many years ago of looking forward to the time when we would retire and serve a mission together. Now we are looking back and wondering where it has all gone!

The Lord has been very good to us, blessing us with wonderful children and their spouses (there isn't one we would trade away!) and fantastic grandchildren, a wonderful opportunity to serve in a place we had not even imagined and Eternity to look forward to!

I (obviously) had some flowers delivered yesterday. Forty red roses, one for each year, really well arranged. One thing they are here is very artistic. And I knew Melba would not be expecting them a day early -- and it would be more fun to have them delivered at the office. She was surprised!

It is Saturday here and we plan to do several things today -- shopping, out to dinner, a movie (we'll come back to the apartment and watch one of our favorites -- Hello Dolly!). That is, of course, unless we need to adjust should a missionary need arise. We are flexible!

It is cloudy and rainy today. Feels and smells really good! The high is supposed to be 61 degrees -- at the end of June! It has been an unusually wet June in Ulaanbaatar, just like in Utah!

To our children especially, if you look close in this picture, you'll see some of the things we have done to our living room.

Well, I've got breakfast to fix while Sister Caldwell is relaxing in the tub. It took us most of an hour to heat enough water, using every pan we could find. You see, every summer the hot water is turned off for two or three weeks. Wouldn't you know it would happen at anniversary time!


Julie said...

Technically, it's not your anniversary yet. You got married in Utah, and in Utah it is still June 26. : )

Happy Anniversary anyway. Thanks for sticking together for 40 years and giving us a stable and happy home to grow up in. Here's to 40 more!

The Cowley Clan said...

Happy Happy Anniversary!! I hope you are having a great time! We love you and look forward to seeing you (and you seeing us) tomorrow!! We should have done the party today so it would be the real anniversary day for you guys!! Oh well!

CarolL said...

Hello, from Utah,
My husband and I have been called to serve in Mongolia and will be entering the MTC on July 20th. While searching on the Internet for info about Mongolia we found your blog. It looks like serving in Mongolia will be an adventure.
We are really excited to meet you!
Richard and Carol Lasson

meglex said...

Happy (VERY LATE) Anniversary!!! Sounds like you had a awesome day! Flowers are gorgeous, and the apartment is looking very good.

Brandi said...

Happy belated Anniversary! 40 years is amazing! Love you both!