Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Missionaries

I know this isn't the followup on the apartment we said we would be doing but we wanted to share an experience we have had with some of our Elders.

Often the Elders and Sisters will call and ask if they can bring an investigator to our apartment to teach them a discussion. We received such a request yesterday afternoon. They needed a place to teach a young lady so we said, "Sure, come on over." And we ran home to get things ready.

When they came, they had with them one of our students from our Tuesday afternoon English discussion group (it's not really a class, just an opportunity for them to practice their English). The one circled is the young lady referred to. We talk about all sorts of things in that group and it has been rather fun. And we have had about three of them who have or soon will join the Church.

The three of them came and had a good Gospel discussion, even though Sister Caldwell and I could not understand much of it. When they finished, we told the Elders that we had a small package waiting for us at the Office Building and if they would pick it up when they escorted this young lady back there and return with it, we would feed them dinner (we had planned to do so anyway, but thought we might as well get something out of it, too!).

While they were gone, we fixed up a batch of tacos and nachos. We also had a bowl of left over 'Suddenly Salad' in the fridge (you know that pasta stuff out of a box) which we needed to finish off. So we put that on the table, too. Missionaries will eat anything!

Soon, the expected knock came at the door. Sister Caldwell opened the door to indeed find our two Elders. However, it wasn't just the two of them, mind you, but she found four of them standing there! Yup! It seems that two others had gotten wind that something good might be going on and sort of invited themselves!

Well, we set out what we had, blessed it and dinner was on. And they were incredible to watch! Soon, the taco meat and the tortilla chips were gone. So they started making tacos with whatever was left. A little bit of taco cheese in a taco shell and they were happy! Leftover lettuce and a tomato or two was good, too! Oh, and have you ever tried a Suddenly Salad taco? These Elders did! And in about the time Sister Caldwell and I managed to down one taco each, the rest of the meal had vanished! A professional magician would have been proud!

When they finished, there wasn't even a scrap left on the table (see pic - wait, I think I see a little piece of lettuce there)! We watched for a few more minutes, certain that one of them would soon pick up a bowl and start licking it!

The missionaries insist that they like the local fare of Mongolian food. Be that as it may, when we set them down to good a old American dinner, it sure disappears in a real hurry!

It is always a fun time around here when we invite the missionaries to dinner!


meglex said...

Good thing they have you both there to be their 'Ma and Pa', and good thing they are there for you to take care of. It looks like it works out perfect!!!

The Cowley Clan said...

Be glad it was only four of them that showed up!

Lindsie, DJ and Jarod said...

I think missionaries truly will eat anything. Look at all the stuff you two have had to eat! (I'm referring of course to your trip country side!)
We fed the elders the day before we left on our trip. They did a great job helping us clean out our fridge!