Monday, September 21, 2009

Letters from home!

What a nice surprise today to receive some mail from Lake Ridge 6th Ward High Priests! We do manage to keep track of some of the old crowd (mostly your children actually) on Facebook. It was good to hear you all are still alive and kickin'! We really miss all of our wonderful 6th friends (well most of them anyway!)!

Sometime within the next week or two our time here will already be half over! Can't believe it has gone that fast. We are already wondering if we can accomplish everything we need to before time to leave creeps up on us. Going to have to work hard!

Believe it or not, brother Warner, we actually miss the yard work! They don't do yards here much so we are really grateful for all of those who do so much to have nice lawns and gardens.

Can't wait to be able to share Mongolian cuisine with everyone! We sure you'll just love hoshurs and boodz! We'll have to have a party where we can share with everyone!

Thanks Brother Smith for 'encouraging' everyone to add their bit to the letter!

See ya' all next year!

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