Saturday, September 19, 2009

Winter is here! Rats!

And it makes no bones about it!

Yesterday, it was 81 degrees F in the afternoon. So we visited a fun place on our way to a baptism. We'll tell you about it in our next post.

But this afternoon, it is 31 degrees F and it's snowing! (click on the picture to enlarge it and you will see the snow) Wait, we must be in Utah!

So we went a bit crazy this afternoon and played Christmas music! Ya' we know. It's only September! But they don't do much with Christmas here even in December, so why not!


meglex said...

Holy Cow that is CRAZY!! You don't get any kind of in between do you? Fall is the best time here, I think. We are going to take the four wheelers so that we can see all of the pretty leaves changing colors, I guess we will have to post pictures for you so that you can at least imagine it. And winter there isn't just winter, it is like you are living in the North Pole!! Good luck with that, AGAIN!! Let's try not to break any bones this go 'round though, okay?

R and R said...

Yeah Christmas music! I don't know why people are so stinky about listening to Christmas music! I love to listen to it all year round!!

Oh, and good luck with the snow...

Melissy J said...

Ahh, that's nuts! It's a bummer that it's starting to be winter and that they don't do much with Christmas. Way to keep the Christmas spirit up with Christmas music!

Julie said...

I'm jealous. I am really getting sick of the heat here. I keep waiting for things to cool down, but it has been really slow. That snow looks way fun. Of course, you said it's not so fun there!

Hey - they will start playing Christmas music here sometime in October, so you're not so much ahead!