Friday, October 30, 2009

Swine Flu

Just sort of a quick update. Swine flu has hit here and they are shutting things down some. In two towns north of here (Darkhan and Erdenet) no meetings are allowed, so church is out of the question, for a while.

Here in UB where we live, meetings must be concluded and dismissed no later than 9:00 pm (apparently the flu only comes out after that??) and no one under 16 years of age can attend public meetings. Haven't heard how that is affecting schools, yet.

We are very glad that they have sent a couple here from Hong Kong to replace our mission doctor who just returned home after finishing his mission. He had extended twice trying to wait for the next doctor to arrive, but still no go on VISA's. So this Hong Kong couple is here for a maximum of 90 days (a 90 VISA is pretty much automatic here). Their name is Whitman and they are wonderful. She is a nurse and he is a lawyer. He is working on the VISA problem while she tries to keep us healthy.

Life goes on. Sort of.


R and R said...

Good luck! I almost think it is just better to let it make to the go rounds and get it over with! Sometimes I wonder if everything shutting down just prolongs the problem...

Glad to hear you have a doctor! Hope they can get the ones that are supposed to be there quickly!

Melissy J said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on the visas, or the lack there of, I really appreciate it. I'm sorry about the swine flu and hope that it passes quickly and things can go back to normal.

meglex said...

You better keep Mom locked up REAL tight!! If there is something to catch you know that she is going to catch it, my poor Mommy!!! Good luck!!

julie said...

Stay healthy! The flu is going around here, too, but so far no closures. We have been missing an extreme number of kids at school, though. So far, knock on wood, nobody at our house has gotten it.
No meetings after nine? That is so funny. Wonder why they think that will protect people?

R and R said...

You changed it all around! Good thing your picture came up or I'd have thought I was on the wrong blog! Looks nice.