Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your LDS

There is a fun and relatively new website for LDS members and those who share similar ideals. It called Your LDS Neighborhood. Somehow they learned of our blog and thought our recent post about Zuun Khaara was worth sharing. So, we have been featured in their latest newsletter!

Just in case your interested, here's a link to that Newsletter.

Who'd have figured we'd be published!!


Lindsie, DJ and Jarod said...

I just clicked on your link to the newsletter and realized that if your blog is going public, so are my comments on your blog! Guess I better quit being a smart alec! : )

R and R said...

Pretty cool! I say let your light so shine Julie!!

meglex said...

That is so cool!!! Your blog is really getting known by a lot of people. I bet you never imagined how popular you would be, that is great!!