Thursday, November 26, 2009


Well, we did it. Feed 112 missionaries and two nonmembers for Thanksgiving! And did it in 12 minutes! Not bad considering the VERY limited resources and equipment available to us. A million thanks to the the couples who worked so hard to bring it all together, especially considering we only had about half as many couples this year to accomplish it all! It was much work but it was even more fun!

We also had good help from a couple of the Elders we recruited to help out. This is Elder Wright who was obviously our Maitre d' extraordinaire!

We had Pork Roast (amazingly like turkey, believe it or not -- actually had missionaries who thought it was turkey!), dressing, potatoes and gravy, peas and carrots, rolls, and jello fruit salad. Don't think anyone went away hungry!

In fact, we had a few leftovers. Never thought we'd see that with missionaries!

For dessert, the missionaries were given a cupcake, frosting, pretzels, candy a cookie and other sundry items with which to make a turkey -- or at least a reasonable facsimile! They really had a fun time with it and were amazingly creative, as you can see!

Look closely at the first picture. It is of a daddy turkey and a mommy turkey and a baby egg turkey! The little sign in front of them says, "Just Married!" We told you they were creative!

The second picture is of Elder Whittle and his wonderful turkey creativity. Way to go Elder Whittle!



Hey, did anyone know that President Andersen could juggle!
Ought not to be too surprising, I guess, with all the stuff he always has to 'juggle' in the mission!


Julie said...

What a fun day for you guys. Looks like all the missionaries had fun.

R and R said...

Yeah for Thanksgiving dinner!!!

Melissy J said...

I love the turkeys made out of funny! Happy Thanksgivivng!

Deseret International Charities said...

Thanks for the great job you did on planning, shopping for, organizing, and implementing the Thanksgiving dinner! Thanks to your incredible effort, it was wonderful! It was truly a Thanksgiving feast and everyone had a wonderful time!
Elder and Sister Lasson

sharibug said...

My heart felt the love and warmth with which you blessed the lives of those trying to feel a little bit of home on Thanksgiving day. When on the errand of the Lord, He always provides what you will need. God bless you each for your concerted efforts and may He bless you in the work. Love the turkeys and how creative they were. My father always said, work hard, play hard, and it looks like that is what you have done. :>)