Saturday, November 21, 2009


Swine Flu
Well, the swine flu continues, as does the associated quarantine. So, we have been holding Sacrament Service in our apartment, for the seniors and a couple of members who are here with other assignments -- like the American Embassy. It has been kind
of nice, actually. Different than we are used to, of course. But it reminds me of when I grew up as a young man. A branch of the Church was formed in our area and dad was the Branch President.

Dad and I would go early on Sunday morning to the local Grange Hall where we had arranged to hold Church meetings until we could find a more permanent home. The two of us would sweep out the cigarette buts and empty beer bottles from community parties of the night before, air the room out and set up chairs before Church was due to start. And before you knew it, we had a church! It was a good experience for a young man such as myself. The Lord was there with us as we prepared to serve the sacrament and to learn about the Gospel.

Now, we don't have quite the same problems in our apartment (shame on those of you who jumped to the wrong conclusion!) but the Spirit is very much the same. The Lord smiles on those who are determined to do all they can to follow His counsel, renew convenants, teach each other and to remain strong in the Gospel.

This has been a time to be remembered in many ways.

Well, we still have not been able to clear the problem but we have seen some positive movement. They did finally clear a VISA for a recently called sister missionary (well, kind of recently called!) to serve in Czechoslovakia. She received her call almost five months ago but should be able to finally leave with in a short time.

We still are waiting for a promised letter from the Ministry of Education which would verify that our missionaries are, indeed, qualified to teach English here. He promises to have it soon, so we are holding our breath. That letter will finally clear the way for more missionaries to arrive.

Keep offering those prayers in our behalf!

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R and R said...

Glad you are still able to hold sacrament meeting even if it is small. I hope your younger missionaries have been able to do something all this time!