Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good News!

The three senior couples are scheduled to arrive together this coming Saturday afternoon (really early Friday morning stateside)! The Powell's, Eliason's and the Anderson's will land in Mongolia at 4:00 pm.



Melissy J said...

Hooray!!! that's awesome! Take good care of them and get them to work...i'm sure they're excited and ready, finally!

R and R said...


Julie said...

Wow! That happened fast. Hope the couples were ready - "You're going on Saturday!!" I'm sure they have been ready for awhile, but to suddenly be off must be overwhelming!

Seems like the quarantine, as stinky as it was, maybe came at a good time. You were quarantined while you were short handed, and now that everything is opening up you get some help!

meglex said...

Yahhh!!! Now, just gotta get the elders over there too. Do you get to resume your baptisms tomorrow?

Mr C said...

Amy--yes we had 4 in our little branch alone. Everyone is soooooo excited!