Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Quarantine is Over!

We held regular church services today for the first time in five weeks! It was really very nice to be back with the members at the Nalaikh Branch and to serve with them again. And to hold regular church meetings. It seems like it has been ages!

And Elder and Sister Powell came with us. They are one of the new couples who did, indeed, successfully arrive yesterday! They are a very nice couple and we thoroughly enjoyed having them with us for the day. We also shared our dinner with them after church.

We had a social last night (i.e. Saturday) both to celebrate their arrival (and feed them dinner after a day and a half of airline food!) and to wish a fond farewell to the Whitman's who have done such a magnificent job in filling in for us while we were waiting for the Eliason's to arrive -- which they did yesterday, too. The third couple was the Anderson's and all are much welcomed and needed additions to our group.


Did you notice the Christmas decorations for our party? We're one day closer to it than you are!


What do you think of Sister Caldwell's spiffy new hat? It's her, don't you think?! She inherited it from Sister Whitman. Thanks a lot Sister Whitman!


meglex said...

Yah for new couples!!! They look very nice. Mom, LOVE the new hat!! Now all you need is spikes on your shoes. There will be NO falling this year, do you hear? Glad the quarantine is finally over, now you can get busy. You just have to rub in the fact that you will hit Christmas before us don't you?

Bressler Bunch said...

Your new couple looks a little shell-shocked. Or is it just jet lag? Is that what your faces looked like when you arrived a year ago?

R and R said...

Nice hat! Glad to hear that they all arrived. Now you can get to work training them! And HOORAY for no more quarantine!!!

Marcia said...

I have to tell you the hat looks very much like something I had when I was in Germany. The elders called it my ugly hat. I told them at least it was warm.
I'm curious, did any of them mention that your sister about jumped over the table every time someone said they were going to Mongolia? We had a whole group praying for them to be able to get there.

Marla said...

I just wanted to write you a quick note and tell you that the new missionaries are my mother and father in law-Elder and Sister Anderson. They were so excited to be able to come after all the months and months of preperation. They have been planning on serving the Lord for quite some time now. My heart has been so heavy knowing they are a whole other world away. I know they are doing what the Lord needs them to do but boy, I am missing them. Hope you don't mind me taking a peak at your blog. I was trying to see where they were going to be going when I ran across your blog. I cried as I saw them sitting there at the table. They are finally where they need to be.

Thanks for letting me peak!!

Thanks for welcoming mom and dad so much. They are some of the best people you will ever meet. Their hearts reseble that of Christ!! There actions reseble the love of God. Mongolia will forever be blessed to have them there being instruments in the Lord's hands.

Marla Anderson